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Indian astrology


Indian astrology is one of the oldest systems of predictions, horoscopy and numerology. It is about 7000 years old and also called as Vedic astrology in recent terms. Astrology is a system that includes an assumption that is there is a connection between rare occurrence in astronomy and events in the human world. Similarly numerology is connected to astrology as each number from 0 to 9 is dominated by heavenly body in our solar system.

House Name Karakas Meanings
1 Lagna (Tanu) Sun outer personality, physique, health/well-being, hair, appearance
2 Dhana Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon wealth (fixed assets), family relationships, eating habits, speech, eyesight, death
3 Sahaja Mars natural state, innate temperament, courage, valor, virility, younger siblings, communication
4 Sukha Moon inner life, emotions, home, property,middle education, mother
5 Putra Jupiter creativity, children, spiritual practices, punya, love, higher education
6 Ari Mars, Saturn acute illness, injury, openly known enemies, litigation, daily work, foreigners, service
7 Yuvati Venus, Jupiter business and personal relationships, marriage, spouse, war, fighting, genitals
8 Randhra Saturn longevity, length of life, death, moksa, chronic illness, deep and ancient traditions
9 Dharma Jupiter, Sun luck, fortune, spirituality, dharma , guru , relationship with father
10 Karma Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn dream fulfillment, knees and spine, current karmas, career, sky, father
11 Labha Jupiter gains, profits from work, ability to earn money, steady income, social contexts and organizations
12 Vyaya Saturn loss, intuition, imprisonment, foreign travel, moksha
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